In this game, you play as Stephen Hawking as he collects coins that he can use to upgrade his wheelchair, so that he can go faster and collect more coins.


Wheel images:
The caterpillar tracks are modified from this:
The rest of the wheels are from the cartoon car, Mini, and Dodge Ram in this set:

Engine images:
The stock engine is this image from AliExpress:
The rest are 2D images taken of these 3D models:

Miscellaneous images:
The menu background is a combination of these two images:
The image of Stephen Hawking used in the game is a still from one of the long shots of this interview:

The four randomly chosen in-game tracks are Jigoku's 8-bit Eurobeat remixes:

The menu music is the Monty on the Run theme:

The music played when Stephen Hawking sinks is Nearer, My God, to Thee:


Download 17 MB
Download 17 MB
Download 15 MB
Download 7 MB


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Well done this is epic


This should be game of the year


I almost crashed my laptop running this game but it worked well, good job! (Perfecto game)

I think, however, that you have to increase the speed of the Player, so it's too low

It's only slow without upgrades. The point is that you can upgrade the wheelchair to go faster. With the V8 and monster truck wheels, you barely touch the ground. But thanks for the feedback.


wow, cool game, very funny